We’ve lived here a few months now and we have become regulars at Carmines. On top of that, we’ve introduced several friends and family to this local favorite when we want a place that has a consistently good menu, and a friendly “Cheers” hangout feel about it.

When it comes to the “ready to go” pizza, if they don’t have a variety made that you like, Tony and the staff do a great job of making it happen with a customized pizza of your choice.

As Don L. complained about in his review below, they “must have a lot of friends that write good reviews.” Well, they do, and for good reason! They always treat people like family and serve authentic NY style pizza at VERY fair prices. When a reviewer posts nothing but one and two star reviews for everyplace he’s reviewed except the one that gave a free meal (even they only got a four-star), I question their honesty and objectivity.

If you actually think TGI Friday’s is a four star with their overpriced, processed food and watered down drinks, go hang out with Don.
If you want good pizza made from scratch at reasonable prices, check this place out.